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My name is Jessica. I'm 32. I love to get lost in a good book. I generally read Christian and classic literature, but will read outside of those genres as well. I also read non-fiction.

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{ [ A.D. 30 (AD) ] } Dekker, Ted ( AUTHOR ) Oct-28-2014 Hardcover - Ted Dekker

     Set in the deserts of the ancient Near East, A.D. 30 follows Maviah, the daughter of a powerful Bedouin sheik. An outcast from birth, Maviah lives the life of a slave until her people are attacked by a vicious enemy, and she is called upon to protect them. On her journey she has Saba, a skilled warrior, and Judah, a Jew looking for the future king of his people.


     His name is Yeshua.


     If you’ve been around my blog, you will know that I am a Dekker fan. Books like this are the reason. Ted makes you feel like you are really there, alongside Maviah and her companions. The characters are real. Relatable and flawed. The insertion of Maviah’s journey into the historical events of Yeshua’s life is brilliantly done.


     It is quite possible to learn through fiction. After all, Yeshua himself taught with parables. Those teachings are used in this book, and I think we can really see how to put them into practice when combined with Maviah’s story.


     Dekker has created more than a story here. It’s a learning experience. I haven’t been this moved by a novel since the Circle series…. also by Dekker.

Source: http://jmusings.wordpress.com/2015/01/10/a-d-30-by-ted-dekker